COVID Resources page

Data Sites

John Hopkins GIS site is the most up to date on numbers around the world

NM’s Covid site is the best for what is happening here in NM – got to Newsroom and Updates to get the daily numbers broken down, and the Governor’s press releases. There is also a travel restrictions page. Check out your own dept of health if you live in another state

WHO situation reports are updated daily – the numbers lag behind the John Hopkins site, but you can use them for historical data. And the WHO generally link to lots of other resources.

Unfortunately, early on the US CDC site was close to useless. Their numbers are still suspect and they don’t update on the weekends!!!

This is a fairly  good CDC general info page

This Covid Act Now website is great for risk assessment by state and county level. How is your county doing right now? If you are travelling, it is a must visit site.

This one shows how well we are doing by limiting (or not) mobility by state and county.

DIY face coverings/masks

Pattern here.

Use one of these best materials for a diy facemask.
No sew mask (cut up an old tshirt). (On this one double the material and put a twist tie in the fold area to make a nose molding wire.
Soap and hot water works the best because the virus has a fatty envelope and is the most practical. If you disinfect also you need to rinse away the soap because it neutralizes some disinfectants like bleach. If the surface is super clean, then you can use just disinfectant.

The virus lives longer on hard surfaces than on soft surfaces. Disinfecting surfaces with disinfectant  after cleaning with soap and water will kill the virus. Disinfectants that work are; Bleach (5 tablespoons in a gallon water or 4 teaspoons in a quart); Ethyl or rubbing alcohol (60-90% in water – check the bottle to see starting % then use math!); Hydrogen peroxide (3% is how you can commonly buy it. Use it straight and leave on surface for 6-8 minutes).