Staying Safe at Clinic with Coronavirus





See below for our procedures for when we are back.

Bernalillo county is currently in Medium Risk for COVID – 30 cases per 100K We are using Covid ActNow for the risk levels and they base it on current CDC risk levels

We will be seeing all of our current patients – any Covid vaccination status. We will not be seeing any new patients who are unvaccinated. If the Bernalillo Risk level goes down to low, we will see new patients who are unvaccinated again. Check website for easy to find risk levels.

We will still be requiring masks for your appointment. (updated 7/21/22)

Here is how we will continue to be open safely.

Everybody (staff and patients):

– Wear a medical mask at all times (if you do not have one we will give you one.)

– We will no longer require a temperature check However the thermometer will be there for you to use if you like. We will be reinstating the Covid Symptoms form – please fill this out each time you come.

– Do not come if you have any potential COVID, cold or flu symptoms – particularly new symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing, headaches or fatiue.

– Do continue to comply with current NM guidelines for travel, gatherings and covid contacts (see for up to date recommendations)

– Patients stay 6 feet away from others, and chairs are 8-12 feet apart. We are currently limited to 7 chairs in the room and we have one overflow chair in the foyer which you are welcome to use.

– Patients are oriented to our COVID procedures before coming into clinic.

– Staff are tested regularly (frequency depends on numbers in Albuquerque) currently weekly or after travelling.

– We have exam table paper now instead of sheets.

– We have two HEPA filters running during clinic and one running all the time.

Our hours by appointment are:


Tuesday 10.00-2.00

Thursday 2.00-6.00

Friday 10.00-2.00

Saturday 10.00-2.00

Appointment times for new patients are limited to the first hour or two of the shift.

COVID Procedure Changes

These procedures and changes that we implemented during Covid are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Here are some of the admin changes:

  • There will no longer be a physical receptionist.

  • We will be answering voicemails by text

In clinic, the acupuncturist will only be doing acupuncture and COVID safety procedures.  They will not be able to help you with check-in. If you find you need help physically in clinic, or with booking, or with the payment/check-in procedure, please bring someone to help you who will leave once you are comfortable.

Returning existing patients can book here after watching this reorientation video.



New Patients ($40-60)

1. Please send in proof of immunity status (vacc card or covid positive test since 12/15/21)

2. Fill out the new patient paperwork online here.

If you prefer to print out a hard copy, you can access that here. Email or text the paperwork to us at A picture with your smart phone works fine – just send it as medium or high resolution.

3. Please watch this orientation video which will show you how our check in procedure works and orient you to the clinic. Once you have watched the video, you can book here.



WHAT’S CHANGED for Current Patients?

New Sliding Scale $20-50


No more walk-ins – you can always save our booking app page onto your phone home screen and do same-day or even last minute bookings when you are in the parking lot if we have space.

Price has changed to $20-50 sliding scale to cover the added expenses and reduced volume of patients. We no longer have an in-person receptionist . We do have a virtual receptionist who will answer, texts, emails and voicemails by text Tues thru Sat.

On Booking

If you are returning this year (2021-2022), please watch our reorientation video so that you are familiar with the changes. Please don’t come in if you have any COVID, cold or flu symptoms. If you are not vaccinated and have traveled out of state, have been in contact directly or indirectly with a COVID positive person, or have been at a large gathering , we ask you to wait 5 days before coming in to clinic.

Before entering Clinic
Leave family and friends at home.
If you have need physical help getting into the clinic or your chair, or if you need help understanding our check-in system, you will need to have someone come to help you as we will not have a receptionist. The acupuncturist will not be able to help you. Your helper will need to leave and come back in 45 mins.
Put your medical face covering on over your nose and mouth.
(Now is a good time to turn your cell phone off)

On Entering
(The reception desk will be to the right of the door. Paperwork and thermometer on the Right, Payment on the Left.)
If someone is there, wait outside or step inside and go behind the black tape which is six feet away.

If you are newly returning fill out a full page COVID consent form (for our insurance) and put into the black paperwork tray.

You can pay by check, cash or credit card – fill out a payment slip with your name, amount paid and method of payment. Write your check number on the slip. Put it with your payment into a BLANK envelope, do not seal or fold, and put into the black mailbox on the wall.

In Clinic
Coughing/sneezing – Please don’t cough and sneeze in clinic. We do have cough drops and can also sit you up a bit if that helps. We understand that during allergy season, it can be difficult, and we do want you to come and treat your allergies (its been two years now!) but right now until the risk level goes down to low again, please don’t come in if you know you will need to cough or sneeze.
Treatments will be limited to 45 minutes if we need the chairs.

Please come with warm clothes but loose around the elbows and knees (even in the summer due to the air conditioning) You may bring your own blanket or pillow.


Please use our online booking system to book your next appointment.

On a last note, we want to thank you all for your patience during these past two years. We honestly could not have stayed open without your help.