Staying Safe at Clinic with Coronavirus

GREAT NEWS- We are Open!

     Dr Lisha will be working Tuesday and Saturday mornings 9-12. As we all get comfortable with our new systems we will expand our hours.

We have implemented a lot of procedures and changes to keep us all safe. We need your help to make this work for all of us. There will no longer be a receptionist. We will only be answering voicemails by text and we will ask you to book yourself in online.

     The acupuncturist will only be doing acupuncture and COVID safety procedures in clinic, they will not be able to help you. If you feel uncomfortable with this situation, please wait to come back until we are in a position that we can have a receptionist again. If you find you need help physically in clinic, with booking, or with the check-in procedure, please bring someone to help you who will leave once they have you comfortable.

     We need to minimize talking in the clinic to help prevent the spread so we will be asking you not to talk except for the small amount of information that we need from you. New patients will have their initial assessment by videoconferencing. This is all a work in progress, so please be patient with us as we work out systems that work for all of us

Current patients can book here.

New Patients – Due to the coronavirus risk, we will be doing a two part appointment  to reduce the amount of talking in the clinic. New patients will

1. book a Telehealth new patient assessment here ($20)

2. Fill out the new patient paperwork which you can access here. Then email it to us at at least one day before your appointment. A picture with your smart phone works fine – just send it as medium or high resolution.

3. After your Telehealth assessment, you can book a current patient appointment which is  $20-50 on our pay what you want sliding scale

For more information about our regular Telehealth clinic please go here.

WHAT’S CHANGED for Current Patients?

No more walk-ins – you can always save our booking app page onto your phone home screen and do same-day or even last minute bookings when you are in the parking lot.
Price has changed to $20-50 sliding scale to cover the added expenses and reduced volume of patients.

On Booking

We will screen for COVID symptoms and risks. If you have any of the symptoms or have travelled out of state, have been in contact directly or indirectly with a COVID positive person, or have been at a mass gathering we ask you not to come to clinic for 14 days.

Before entering Clinic
Leave family and friends at home.
If you are more than 10 minutes early, please wait in your car.
If you have need physical help getting into the clinic or your chair, or if you need help understanding our check-in system, you will need to have someone come to help you as we will not have a receptionist. The acupuncturist will not be able to help you. Your helper will need to leave and come back in 45 mins.
Put your face covering on.
(Now is a good time to turn your cell phone off)

New Reception pics

On Entering

(The reception desk will be in front of the door. COVID paperwork on left, Payment on the Right.)
Sanitize your hands and put on a cloth mask if you don’t have one on.
Pay by check, cash or credit card the same way except that now we do not have a personal envelope for you, so – fill out a payment slip with your name, amount and method of payment then put it with your payment into a BLANK envelope, then put into the mailbox on the right hand wall.
If you use a pen, take one from the New Pen container and put it into the Used Pen container when finished.
Put your paperwork into the black paperwork tray.
Punch-cards – you will no longer have a physical punch-card, we have a list of all punch-cards with how many punches left. Indicate on the payment slip if you are using your “punch-card”. Punch-cards have been extended six months from your expiry date. If you have questions about any of this, please email us, don’t ask the acupuncturist in clinic as a) they will be too busy without reception help, and b) we want to reduce talking in the clinic due to COVID.
First time back – fill out a COVID consent form (for our insurance agency).
Every time – fill out a COVID symptoms and risks certification form.
Wait for the acupuncturist to come and take your temperature (if they don’t come within 5 minutes you can press the desk bell – please be patient).

In Clinic
If you need a blanket, lumbar pillow (we no longer have the soft pillows), eye pillow, cover, or ear plugs, please ask the acupuncturist when they come to you. We can no longer keep these items on open shelves.
Coughing/sneezing – we will have to ask you to leave if you are coughing or sneezing. We are so sorry – we just can’t risk it even if it is due to allergies.
Treatments will be limited to 45 minutes if we need the chairs.
Keep talking to an absolute minimum.
We will be cleaning chairs and everything that is touched between patients. We will launder blankets after each patient.
Please come with warm clothes (even in the summer due to the air conditioning) to help minimize our laundry bill. However, you cannot bring your own blankets or pillows anymore.

Please use our online booking to book your next appointment. You can do this from the payment ipad, or you can do it from home (better). If you have trouble with technology, see if you can get a friend to help you.

On a last note, we just want to acknowledge how difficult some of these changes will be for you. Especially those of you that have depended on our receptionist. We are doing everything we can in order to stay open and be financially viable without putting our fees up drastically and complying with all the new regulations. Just as in the past we have depended on you to do as many tasks as possible yourself, we depend upon you again to help us get through this initial learning curve. Later we should be able to accommodate those without technology skills or hardware and we will post here when that is possible again.
Email us with any feedback or good ideas on how to improve.


These are changes that we are implementing in clinic to keep you safe:

  • Practitioners will wear masks, be screened for symptoms and temperature daily,  and get COVID test monthly. Practitioners will come to clinic with fresh clothes and will change clothes immediately on returning home.
  • As always, practitioners wash or hand sanitize between patients.
  • Patients will wear face coverings and be screened for symptoms and temperature on entry. Patients may not enter if they have any of the symptoms or a temperature higher than 100F.
  • Patients will need to wait 14 days before coming to clinic if they have traveled out of state, been in contact with a COVID positive person, or been to a gathering of more than five people (all subject to current Governor and Public Health orders)
  • Patients have access to hand sanitizer and tissues immediately on entering. Trash bins are no-touch.
  • Patient chairs are 6 or more feet apart – we are also putting curtains between chairs.
  • We are spacing patient appointments every ten-fifteen minutes and are not accepting walk-ins.
  • We no longer have a waiting room. We encourage patients to come alone, or have your family or friends wait outside. If you are earlier than five minutes we encourage you to wait outside.
  • We have removed all clutter and put needling supplies into a closed plastic box that is easily wiped down.
  • We have removed the plants as part of decluttering.
  • Blankets and any patient supplies are kept behind a closed door, not on an open shelf any more.
  • Our chairs are fabric so cannot be wiped down between patients, so we are covering them with a sheet (to protect the chair) and using paper exam table rolls for each patient.
  • We are wiping with a soap solution the chair handles (which are plastic) the belongings boxes, and the needling boxes, tables, sanitizer pump handles, and pens between each patient.
  • We are cleaning door handles, payment ipad, light switches, bathroom sink, flush handle and handicapped bar every hour (3-5 people). Patients can clean surfaces themselves if desired
  • We have a cleaning checklist to enable staff to ensure everything is cleaned on time.
  • All patient blankets, pillow coverings, etc. will be laundered between patients.
  • Booking, and new patient paperwork is all available online.
  • We have moved completely from paper to electronic health records.
  • We have an air purifier and the central heating/cooling system has a HEPA filter.
  • There are signs to encourage patients to wait outside if they are early, to book appointments, and not to bring family members or friends to wait for them.
  • Gloves will be used to clean, and handle laundry. (We are not required to use gloves for patient care, and they are not safe due to increasing the possibility of needle-stick for the staff).
  • We have held a safety meeting for staff to go over the new procedures and protocols.
  • We will stay informed of the NM requirements and any updates on infection control for COVID-19

We are encouraging all our patients to stay safe by wearing face coverings in public, washing hands frequently and staying 6 feet away from people. If you have attended a gathering of more than five people, travelled out of state, been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person, or any other risky situation, we ask that you not come to clinic for 14 days afterwards.

Thank you all for your understanding during these changes. Things may go a little slower as we all learn them.