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Public Health Acupuncture of New Mexico
Spring, 2019 Continuing Education

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Distal Acupuncture for Pain with Steven Malins, DOM

Fri, April 5th   9.00-1.00pm      2509 Vermont St NE, Albuquerque, NM            4 Cat 1 CEU           $60

How do those Community Acupuncture People treat low back pain in a reclining chair? Are points on the limbs, head and ears really as effective as local points? We reveal our deepest secrets and give you plenty of hands-on experience! You learn how to treat any type of pain in a community, group or post-disaster setting where patients remain fully clothed. These techniques can also be combined with your favorite techniques for private practice.


Miriam Lee Techniques with Nityamo Lian, DOM, MPH

Fri, April 5th   2.00-5.00pm       2509 Vermont St NE, Albuquerque, NM         3 Cat 1 CEU            $45

Dr Miriam Lee was a pioneering acupuncturist in the United States. During the height of her practice, she saw up to 14 patients an hour and worked 80 hour weeks. She developed a combination of points that have wide application to many conditions – she said 80% of conditions, thereby giving her time to think about the other 20%.. We find her ideas especially useful for auto-immune, diabetes,  asthma  and common colds. Her techniques are elegant and suitable for all practices including community acupuncture style.


The Power of Observation  with Selah Chamberlain, DOM, MAEC

Fri, April 19  10-1, 2.00-5.00pm        234 Irvine St, Santa Fe, NM                  6 Cat 1 CEU           $90

The Five-Phases theories of observation of color, sound, odor and emotion are explained and put into practice in this class. We will use subtle signs to formulate a diagnosis for new patients,  observe changes during a treatment, and know when to change a treatment. Observation of patients can increase your ability to diagnose and treat and can be used easily in a high volume clinic.
Selah Chamberlain was trained in the Worsley school in the Five Phases practice and has more than thirty years of experience in applying these methods.


Polarity Therapy and Acupuncture  with Van Warren, DOM
Fri, May 17    9.00-5.30pm        2509 Vermont St NE, Albuquerque, NM      8 CEU pending      $125

Polarity Therapy is an energy-based modality that balances the patterns of energy flows in one’s body.  Ultimately the goal of both acupuncture and polarity therapy is to restore the integrity of the energy systems of the body in order to unite body, mind, emotions and Spirit into harmonious and vibrant health.
You will learn acupuncture protocols to balance the energy flows that go to the deepest layers of the human energy field in order to reset the blueprint for health. These protocols can be incorporated into any acupuncture treatment elegantly and easily.


CA CEUs (# CEP 810) approved for all classes except Polarity.CA CEUs pending for Polarity Therapy and Acupuncture NCCAOM accepts CA CEUs for recertification.

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These seminars are organized to support Public Health Acupuncture of New Mexico – a 501(c)3 public charity. Our mission is to promote the use of acupuncture to improve the health of New Mexicans.