Acudetox Trainings

Trainings in acudetox – needling – happen approximately once per year. Trainings in acu-therapy (earseeds) happen throughout the year and can be organized on demand if you have a group of 6 or more people interested. We can offer online video trainings for acu-therapy trainings.

Public Health Acupuncture of New Mexico has trained over 200 acudetox specialists since 2007 and given more than 40 ear acupressure seed trainings. Trainings are hands-on with minimal lecture time.  Most of our acudetox trainees (75-80%) become certified in New Mexico. Our acudetox trainings include insurance and support through the internship to the NM Certification application.

In addition, if our trainees are volunteering or working in a program that supports our mission and priority areas,  we will provide technical support, supplies and/or supervision as we are able. We currently support 20 programs around New Mexico providing services at 24 sites. Our affiliated programs gave more than 7000 treatments per year pre-Covid.

Ear Acudetox for Addictions Training – Part 1

Eleni Fredlund, LMHC, LAc, EMT-I, certified ADS,

NADA registered trainer

Nityamo Lian, DOM, MPH

March 25-28, 2023; Albuquerque, NM – This training is completed.


Auricular acupuncture or Acudetox can help reduce cravings, insomnia, drug dreams, anxiety, and depression during addictions withdrawal and can be used to manage stress and help prevent relapse. New Mexico certifies Auricular Detoxification Specialists to practice within established substance use treatment or prevention programs with periodic supervision by a NM licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine. This treatment is extremely low-cost and safe with no medication interactions or need for English fluency. Program staff can be trained in a few months. Both staff and clients report calmness after treatment and more receptivity to other treatments offered, such as counseling.


Approved by the NM State Board of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, this course contributes to the qualifications necessary to provide ear acudetox to treat addictions. Part 1 includes 30 hours of didactic education and a practicum. Part 2 includes up to 40 patient/hours of supervised treatments. Part 1 may be done separately from Part 2 but both are needed to become NM State certified as an Auricular Detoxification Specialist.

An in-class practicum can be provided on the fourth day of the training, where students give supervised treatments to their own clients, family, or friends. A forty person supervised internship is required for certification. After training, we support students up until NM certification. Program support is also available. The training cost for the three and a half days includes 3- day hands on and didactic training, half day practicum, material fees, insurance, and support until certification. See registration form for more details. Trainees must wear medical style masks and be tested for Covid within a day of the beginning of the training.


A supervised internship of 40 patient/treatments is required as part of the NM state requirements for certification. You are responsible for identifying your internship supervisor for this training. We will provide you with a list of potential supervisors. The internship will normally take around 4 sessions of 10 treatments for each trainee, allowing a minimum of 3 months post-training until state certification. If we go into a COVID spike again, the internships can take a lot longer (up to 15 sessions) and therefore longer up until state certification.

Ear Acupressure Seeds for Addictions, Anxiety and Stress

with Eleni Fredlund, LMHC, LAc. EMT-I and Nityamo Lian, DOM, MPH

Class: $30. Materials Fee: $10.

Location:TBD. We can come to your location if you have at least six participants

In this Four Hour Class you will learn the ear acupressure seed technique and point locations for treating addictions, anxiety and stress. Once you have completed the class, you will be able to use your skills immediately with family, friends and your community to help decrease stress, anxiety, symptoms from substance use withdrawal, and other behavioral health issues.

This class works best when taught in groups of three: one model, one ear-seeder, and one to critique or discuss point location with. You will all three switch roles throughout the class. Groups of two or four are ok also.

We will all wear masks during class, even if you are working with members of your household. This is to get you in the habit for when you work on others.

Materials needed per person: 1.5 oz playdoh or other modelling clay; 6+  toothpicks; 30+ earseeds. We can provide materials or you can get your own – Instructions to make playdoh: 5 min Video or handout

Tweezers (optional); You provide your own medical mask and hand sanitizer.

Please order supplies if you need them, at least one week before the class to receive them in time.

Send registration to

We will offer this class on request for a minimum of 6 people.

Intro to Ear Seed Acu-Wellness in Prehospital/Disaster Setting


Time: On Request – minimum of 6 participants

Participant fee $30

Materials Fee: $10

  • Registration: Email instructor with intent to participate.

With Eleni Fredlund, MS, LMHC, LAc, EMT-I/FF

Registered NADA Trainer, and Acudetox Specialist

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ear provides acupressure points that correspond to each part of the body. When a point is stimulated by pressure, adhesive pellets, or needles, the smooth and abundant flow of “Qi” or vital life energy returns to the related organ or area, allowing healing to take place.

In this training, you will learn the 3 ear-pellet stress reduction protocol, which includes Shen Men, Liver, and Lung auricular points. These points are easy to locate on the surface of the ear. The three points chosen are based upon Oriental medical theory, and clinical indication. All the points serve to balance the body’s energy and assist the body’s healing processes. Together the combined effect of these 3 points, (referred to as yin tonification in Oriental medicine and parasympathetic toning in Western Medicine), restore calm, and have been found to improve ability to sleep, reduce muscle aches, and reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts.

Manual, play dough for making ears, and ear pellets will be provided for this training. Come and learn a non-intrusive coping skill for stress reduction, and then bring it to your community!

Ear Seed Acu-wellness for Highschool Students

With Eleni Fredlund, MS, LMHC, LAc, EMT-I/FF

Registered NADA Trainer, and Acudetox Specialist

Acu-wellness is a great tool to help students relax during times of high stress such as exam times. In this class we teach students to apply the ear acupressure seeds to the Shenmen point which helps calm anxiety, stress, etc. This training is open to the community.

Acudetox (needling) Internship – Part 2

Dates to be scheduled individually

TBD or We can offer this partially through Zoom

with PHANM Staff – Acudetox Supervisors

Cost $300 plus $30 insurance.

This 40 client internship is Part 2 of the certificate training for NM Auricular Detoxification Specialists. If you have completed your 30 didactic hours of training in our or another program, PHANM staff will work with you to arrange a schedule to complete your 40 supervised internship treatments. We will also support you with your board application paperwork, and administer the Clean Needle Technique exam if you need it.

By the end of this internship, you should feel confident that you can treat up to 10 clients an hour independently. You can usually complete the internship within 4 two-hour sessions.

Registration Form: PHANM Internship Registration Form